Healthy Forest Fund

By staying at Te Kauri Lodge, you are contributing to the Pest Control Programme of Te Kauri Park by $1 per head per night.

A bit of history…………..
Te Kauri Park is an 1100 hectare remnant podocarp, hardwood forest located between Pirongia and Kawhia. It is administered by the Department of Conservation.
Since the 1960s the Reserve has been the base of the Hamilton Junior Naturalist Club or ‘Junats’. Junats have always focussed on encouraging young people to become ecologically aware.

They built Te Kauri Lodge in 1961 so that all members could take part in outdoor activities in the area’s outstanding environment. They were also instrumental in establishing and expanding Te Kauri Park as a public reserve.

In 2004 Te Kauri-Waikuku Trust was formed to manage the wider environmental education program and to carry out pest control and species monitoring in the park.
What’s it all about?
The  mission of Te Kauri-Waikuku Trust is to restore Te Kauri Park to a complete living forest, able to nurture and sustain our native wildlife, including the tui.
A healthy forest, full of the sights and  sounds of native species, is a precious place for future generations to enjoy.

By joining our Rat or Tui? Program you will help us carry out the essential eradication of the destructive rats, mice, possums and mustelids  in this forest.
Restoration Program
Predators at Te Kauri Park have impacted heavily on wildlife. We no longer have kiwi, kakariki or kokako in the park. The removal of pests will help us bring back species that were once at Te Kauri.

As Te Kauri is unable to be fenced due to its steep topography, pest control has taken place on the ground. We have cut 20km of lines and laid out over 400 bait stations. These stations need to be refilled regularly.

Recent rat monitoring results showed levels were at 88%. After an intensive baiting program, rat levels were reduced to 12.5%.
Our target is to keep this pest population at under 5%.
You can assist with this process by sponsoring bait stations with the Rat or Tui? program and become a Friend of Te Kauri Park.                                       
rat or tui logoRat? or Tui?
Help us protect native Tui!

Would you like to sponsor bait stations to save Tui nests from predators?

Please complete this form, and we will get back to you to arrange payment.

All donors receive a tax deductible receipt and a newsletter about our restoration plans for Te Kauri Park.


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