Te Kauri Lodge

Stay at Te Kauri Lodge in the pristine natural environment of Te Kauri Park  near Kawhia

 95 beds - two large dormitories, each sleeping 37, and four small adjacent rooms with 4 beds in each.   Cost $9.00 per person for school groups.          Camping site available.

 For bookings email John our custodian lodge@tekauri.org.nz    Ph 07 8710625



Education Programmes

Taste of Te Kauri

Our experienced educator can come to you and help plan and  co-deliver free Enviromental Education programmes at or near your school. Ph. Robyn on 0210788220


Te Kauri Lodge Experience

Stay at cosy Te Kauri Lodge Residential Camp, where our on-site educator can co-plan and co-deliver your camp programme free of charge.

To book the Lodge for your school group email John lodge@tekauri.org.nz or Ph 07 871 0625

Contact Catherine, our Camp Educator on tk.educator@gmail.com



Restoration Programmes

Healthy Forest Fund

By staying at Te Kauri Lodge, you are contributing to the Pest Control Programme of Te Kauri Park by $1 per head per night.

Rat or Tui? Programme 

Join our Rat or Tui? programme- sponsor a bait station or two for $25 each per year go to "Rat or Tui?" page to register.