Educational groups

Overnight rates

People in educational/school groups $12

Please check out our accommodation and facilities. Contact our custodian to discuss your requirements.

Onsite education

Our tailored education programme Working Together to Save the Forest is run by experienced ecological scientists who are passionate about the environment surrounding the lodge.

The programme connects Year 1 to 10 students with nature via investigation and observation. Our educators work with teachers to tailor programmes to reflect identified learning outcomes, including development of Key Competencies and Achievement Objectives (such as the NZ Science Curriculum Living World Lev 3: Ecology – Explain how living things are suited to their particular habitat and how they respond to environmental changes, both natural and human-induced).

Programmes can be two to four days long and include any of the following modules. 

Bush study Explores forest plants using different senses and looks at the interconnectedness of this ecosystem.
Stream ecosystem Hands on activities in small groups, covering topics such as stream catchments, measuring water clarity, velocity, pH and temperature, stream invertebrates and plant observations skills.
Pest control Learn about current restoration practices in the reserve and monitor pests. Encourages concern for the environment and future learning and action towards positive environmental change.

Other activities you could include in your visit :

Watch a clip on the Te Kauri experience for school groups.


Cost per student

1 day

2 days

3 days

1 class

(1 educator)




2 classes

(2 educators)




Please note educators are onsite 6 hours a day.

Outreach education

Complement your camp experience with a pre- or post-camp education programme of between two to four hours.

Study sites in the school’s local natural environment are chosen in collaboration with teachers, based on easy, safe access and relevance to the learning focus. Sites include streams, forest remnants, gullies, school gardens, local parks and amenities. Often these programmes are part of a unit of study that builds knowledge and understanding of local ecosystems and relationships, and management of these special places. This provides a context for ongoing learning and development of a sense of responsibility and a connection with their local environment.

Ma te ringa raupa ka ngakaunui te tamaiti ki tona ao.
It is through hands on experience that a child learns to love their world.

The outreach education programme costs $350.

Contact our education project manager to find out more about our education programmes.