Free Environmental Education Programmes for Primary Schools


Experience Te Kauri

Expert scientific educators can deliver:

FREE programmes on-site at Te Kauri Lodge

Learning units include:

  • Bush study
  • Stream study
  • Pest control

A Taste of Te Kauri

Our educator works closely with teachers to plan and deliver free Environmental Educational Programmes to enhance your classroom programme. She can suggest venues near your school that fit in with your current studies.

Modules include:

  • Forest ecology
  • Animal pests
  • Wetlands, streams and lakes
  • Bat detection

Our Educators:

We employ x2 experienced part-time environmental educators and a part-time manager/educator.

Educator 1.: 8 years’ experience with delivering TKWT programmes at the lodge and at or near schools. Trained facilitator, part-time Enviroschools co-ordinator,  BSc Botany

Sample feedback states:

“We are very grateful to have had Robyn to work with us. All that was involved was well planned and able to meet all the needs on the night. The children were engaged at all times, learnt new facts about the bat and had their questions answered promptly.

I thank Robyn for her valuable input, her enthusiasm and knowledge. She created a learning environment that supported and encouraged all those involved.”

Educator 2: A relatively new employee but comes with much appropriate experience:

BSc Environmental Engineering, Environmental and team building educator, Biodiversity ranger (DOC), Agricultural Landscape Research Assistant, Conservation volunteer in Waikato for various organisations.

Sample feedback states:

Words being used to describe Almaz’s work were “Outstanding” and “Brilliant”. One comment from a teacher was “She is so passionate and open to new ideas. While sharing what she knows she’s is happy to take on children’s knowledge to expand her own. This is collaborative learning at its best.”

Educator 3: 6 years’ experience with delivering TKWT programmes. BTchgLng. 20 years’ teaching experience in Yrs 7-10.

Sample feedback states:

“We were very pleased to get the learning outcomes covered that we discussed with Debbie. Debbie visited before the trip to check the location and Risk management. The learning activities were adjusted accordingly for the younger students. Thank you for the opportunity to have an outside provider for environmental education.”


Our staff are able to engage the students by sharing their great passion and enthusiasm about the NZ natural environment and sharing their expertise in environmental matters.

Responsive to the needs of the students and the teachers .

They are flexible and adaptable – able to respond quickly to required changes out in the field.

What can the site offer Secondary students?



Pristine native bush and stream    

  • SCI A.O. Lev 5 Identify the key structural features and functions involved in the life processes of plants and animals.
  • SOC SCI A.O. Lev 6 Understand how people interact with natural and cultural environments and that this interaction has consequences.




Camping area with BBQ, water and toilet.

  • HPE A.O. Lev 5: Demonstrate a range of interpersonal skills and processes that help them to make safe choices for themselves and other people in a variety of settings. Large grassed area suitable for Team Challenge activities /sports





Large grassed area suitable for Team Challenge activities /sports

  • HPE A.O. Lev 5: Experience a range of personally enjoyable physical activities and describe how varying levels of involvement affect well-being and lifestyle balance.



Te Kauri Lodge 09030

Several grades of tramping tracks from easy to difficult    

  • HPE  A.O. Lev 5: Develop skills and responsible attitudes in challenging physical situations
  • HPE A.O. Lev 5: Investigate and practice safety procedures and strategies to manage risk situations




Close proximity to Kawhia Beach

  • SCI AO Lev 5 Investigate the interdependence of living things (including humans) in an ecosystem.



Community Service

Te Kauri Restoration of the Forest programme offers students opportunities to carry out community service and to ‘take action’ in the inquiry process:

  • HPE A.O. Investigate community services that support and promote people’s well-being and take action to promote personal and group involvement.
  • Tramping track clearing
  • Bait line clearing
  • Pest monitoring
  • Vegetation monitoring
  • Bird counts
  • Fundraising for the Rat or Tui? Programme


If you would like to find out more about the range of services and support we can provide for a successful camp or off-site educational experience
please contact Debbie our Te Kauri-Waikuku Trust Manager.